FBI Issues Urgent Warning As Massive Manhunt Is Underway For Second Terrorist In NYC Attack

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On Tuesday in New York City, a Muslim psychopath mowed down innocent bicyclists and pedestrians in an attack he had been planning for weeks, where NYPD investigators confirm he had visited the location numerous times in order to gather intelligence before renting the Home Depot truck and launching the deadly assault. Now there’s been a major breakthrough in the investigation and authorities need your help after they’ve just learned that there’s a second Muslim on the loose who helped to coordinate the fatal attack.

The FBI is meticulously putting together pieces of the investigation, and through their efforts, discovered that the Muslim psychopath did not act alone. On Wednesday, the FBI announced that there’s a massive manhunt underway after they confirmed that there’s second person who helped plot Tuesday’s terror attack in New York City in lower Manhattan. Info Wars reported:

A wanted poster released by the FBI shows they’re looking for Uzbek national Mukhammadzoir Kadirov in relation to the truck attack which left 8 dead and 11 injured in the Tribeca neighborhood.

“Law enforcement officials are seeking the public’s assistance with information about Mukhammadzoir Kadirov in relation to the deadly attack in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York City, New York on October 31, 2017,” the poster reads.

Terror broke out Tuesday as Uzbek national and former Florida resident Sayfullo Saipov, 29, steered a Home Depot rental truck onto a populated bike path at around 3:50pm crashing into cyclists before smashing into a school bus.

What’s disturbing is that it’s unclear just how many ISIS psychopaths are now residing in our country and actively plotting terror attacks, as their sleeper cells now appear to be activated. The 29-year old Uzbekistan native was able to come into the country under Barack Obama, using the ‘Diversity Visa Lottery Program’ to get into our country. But unfortunately, that’s only one major loophole that ISIS terrorists are using to their advantage to gain entry into our country in order to further their jihad.

Several months ago, a woman who sat in on United Nations meetings regarding the “refugee resettlement program” here in America dropped an alarming bombshell on how terrorists are being brought into our country on purpose, and how Barack Hussein Obama is completely and 100% behind it.

The information she has about a literal Muslim invasion is so disturbing, that it proves that we are intentionally being taken over thanks to the malicious actions of those at the highest levels of our government. And if President Trump doesn’t do something drastic and immediate to end what’s going on, America as we know it will be gone forever.

In the following video, the unnamed woman reveals that there is a blatant war on American sovereignty taking place, being orchestrated by Barrack Hussein Obama, who continues to violate the law through by blocking President Trump’s ban with judicial activismObama is secretly planting his Muslim foot soldiers in America, as thousands of these unvetted vermin continue to come to America under the guise of the “refugee” program.

After attending many meetings with the United Nations’ Office of Refugee Monitoring, she was able to drop the following bombshell on the sickening invasion taking place in America. She reveals that not only are these individuals flown into America at night so they go under the radar, but that they’re being thrown on a plane and flown into our country with absolutely zero vetting process. She notes that many of them have many highly-contagious archaic diseases that were once eradicated from the United States, including leprosy, tuberculosis, smallpox, polio, and giardia.

It’s time to wake the hell up, America. We are being actively invaded by ISIS as we speak. Every single gun owner in America needs to be on high alert, and vow to never leave their house without their gun if they’re legally able to do so. ISIS might have a plan to take over America like they’re doing in Europe, but with 200-300 MILLION gun owners in America, we could soon be ISIS’ worst nightmare come true if they want to continue to establish their little Caliphate here in America.

Be sure to share this story. Someone out there knows the identity of this Muslim terrorist, and with the power of social media, there’s a good chance that sharing this intelligence can help bring this man to justice, and help prevent another terror attack from happening in our country!


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