James Woods: When The Washington Post Wakes up to Clinton’s Crimes, She’s ‘In Trouble’

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Actor James Woods pointed out Friday that Hillary Clinton is “in trouble” when even The Washington Post is publishing stories calling into question her campaign’s involvement with Fusion GPS, the company that commissioned the infamous Russia-Trump dossier.

Woods tweeted a Post article entitled, “Clinton’s link to Putin is the underreported ‘dossier’ bombshell.”

The op-ed was written by Marc Thiessen, who served as a speechwriter for former President George W. Bush.

In his article, Thiessen chronicles how Fusion GPS was hired to conduct a smear campaign against Russian lawyer Sergie Magnitsky, who was tortured and killed, after uncovering a $230 million theft by 23 Kremlin-linked companies and people close to Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

“Which raises the question no one seems to be asking: Why was Hillary Clinton using an opposition research company with Putin-linked clients to dig up dirt on Donald Trump?” Thiessen asked.

“Yet today, there is barely a peep in the mainstream media about the Clinton-Fusion-Putin connection,” Thiessen contended.

He continued, “Imagine the outrage that would have ensued if we had learned that Trump had hired an opposition research firm with Putin-linked clients to dig up dirt on Clinton and that senior Russian government officials had been the sources of the unsubstantiated allegations that were leaked to the media. The left would be screaming, ‘Smoking gun!’”

Clinton defended employing Fusion GPS during an appearance on “The Daily Show” on Wednesday.

“This was research started by a Republican donor during the Republican primary. And then when Trump got the nomination for the Republican Party, the people doing it came to my campaign lawyer and said, ‘You know would you like us to continue it?’” she said.

Clinton recounted that her attorney said, “Yes,” and argued “most serious people understand” the difference between using opposition research from Russian sources in order to win an election, and the Trump campaign allegedly trying to work with Russians to influence the election.

Fusion GPS hired former British spy Christopher Steele to produce the dossier after the Clinton campaign and the Democrat National Committee retained the firm in April 2016, according to the The Washington Post.

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As previously reported by The Western Journal, Rep. Trey Gowdy, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, pointed out earlier this week that a vital question that must be answered is whether the Obama administration relied in whole or in part on the partisan Trump dossier to justify unmasking Trump campaign members and associates and to launch its investigation into possible Trump campaign collusion with Russia.

“I am interested in who paid for the dossier because that helps you understand motive and intent and whether or not you can rely on the document,” the South Carolina Republican said. “I’m much more interested in whether or not the Department of Justice and the FBI relied upon that dossier in initiating a counter-intelligence investigation or in court filings.”

“One of the areas of significance is just how hard the Democrats in Congress fought Republicans for trying to gain access to this information,” Gowdy said. “If it were up to (Rep.) Adam Schiff (ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee) and other Democrats, who of course want all the facts to come out, all the facts of Russia to come out, except who financed the dossier.”

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