Sanders Campaign: We Got Screwed by DNC

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Staffers from Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I., Vt.) presidential campaign are upset with the Democratic National Committee (DNC) for having fixed the 2016 primary against them and for Hillary Clinton.

Many are now coming forward with their complaints since former DNC chair Donna Brazile came forward in her new book and said that the DNC had an exclusive agreement with Clinton’s campaign, NBC News reports.

“Throwing this catchall at the end saying that this document doesn’t say what it says is a little disingenuous,” Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver said. “Anybody who suggests we were being treated the same way is playing semantic games.”

“We had no addendum like this, no memorandum, no agreement like this,” said Mark Longabaugh, the Sanders campaign’s chief liaison to the DNC. “They basically came to us and said, here’s the agreement, take it or leave it.”

Many supporting Sanders had complained during the 2016 election cycle that the DNC had done what it could to support Clinton over Sanders, though many of Clinton’s allies and those in the DNC said there was no evidence of that.

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