Gorsuch Just Dropped a Wedding Cake Truth Bomb During Arguments Over Christian Baker


Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch dropped a truth bomb during arguments over a Christian baker’s refusal to create a wedding cake for a gay couple planning their wedding.

Gorsuch gave his opinion that wedding cakes just don’t taste all that good.

“In fact, I have yet to have a wedding cake that I would say tastes great,” he said, to laughter and a smattering of applause in the courtroom.

Partial Transcript via the Daily Caller:

Gorsuch’s broader point was that some creation serves both utilitarian and speech interests. The primary purpose of cake is consumption, but it might also convey creative expression. This is true of other businesses involved in a wedding ceremony, like jewelers and dress makers. As such, he said, the Court needs to find a formula that finds differentiates between purely expressive conduct, mixed expressive conduct, and non-expressive conduct, for purposes of a possible exemption to public accommodations laws

Do you agree or disagree with SCOTUS judge Neil Gorsuch on this one point?

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