Ѕаrаh Ѕаndеrѕ Јuѕt Ѕlаmmеd Dеmѕ Оn Pаthеtiс Ѕtunt Оf Impеасhmеnt Аftеr Ноuѕе Оvеrwhеlmingly Rеjесtѕ


As we all know by now, Democrat Rep. Al Green, who previously had sexual intercourse with a drug-addicted staffer and then sued her after she threatened to go public, introduced two articles of impeachment against President Trump on Wednesday.

The house, of course, had overwhelmingly rejected the resolution 364-58. That is not a landslide but a complete avalanche. And this is not the first time that the Democrat had called for Trump’s impeachment, but more of a routine call on a weekly basis.

Fox News reported: The House of Representatives overwhelmingly rejected an attempt to impeach President Trump after a liberal Texas congressman forced a vote on his effort.

Democratic Rep. Al Green, who has repeatedly called for the president’s removal, introduced two articles of impeachment against Trump on Wednesday.

But lawmakers immediately voted to effectively kill his resolution, with 364 voting to table it and 58 Democrats voting to move ahead.

The symbolic vote had been expected to fail in the Republican-controlled House. It put some lawmakers in competitive districts in a tough spot by forcing them on the record about impeachment.

Lawmakers did not actually vote on the actual articles of impeachment, but on a procedural measure that would have led to a vote on them.

Al Green said Trump is “unfit” for office and accused him of “high misdemeanors”.

Fox News reported that Sarah Huckabee Sanders was not impressed with Green’s stunt Wednesday and said his effort was “pathetic”.

As previously reported, Rep. Al Green (D-TX) had sex with a drug-addicted staffer and then sued her after she threatened to go public with the encounter. Green is one of the loudest voices on Capitol Hill calling for President Trump to be impeached.

A sexual deviant who created a hostile work environment like Al Green calling Trump unfit for office is utterly ridiculous, but what do you expect from liberals? They’re liars, thieves, and scammers by nature.

We stand in awe at the idiocy that the Democrats displayed today! They just shamed themselves beyond recognition again! Share if you agree

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