Hillary Just Won’t Go Away, Now She’s a Christmas Tree Topper Company Markets Hillary Clinton Christmas Tree Topper

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If you thought that Hillary Clinton supporters were just going to accept her epic defeat in the 2016 presidential election and move on, think again.

A United Kingdom-based company — Women To Look Up To — has released a Christmas tree topper in the image of the former secretary of state.

Yes, you read that correctly. Instead of placing the traditional angel or a star on top of their trees, liberals can now give that special place to someone who lied, cheated and manipulated her way up the political ladder. And almost became president of the United States because of it.

Merry Corruptness?

The topper, featuring a very life-like figurine of the former secretary of state “in her iconic power suit with angelic wings,” has been dubbed the symbol of “Resistmas” — you know, those folks who still can’t accept the results of an election that took place more than a year ago.

It ranges in price from $107 for a standard-size tree to more than $900 for a tree taller than 10 feet.

In a statement, the company’s founders told the media they created the topper — as well as ones honoring tennis champion Serena Williams and pop star Beyoncé — because they were tired of traditional Christmas decor, according to The Independent.

“Last Christmas, we looked up at the top of our Christmas tree, where the same old frumpy fairy we had been putting up for years sat looking down on us,” the statement said, calling the traditional topper an “outdated representation of a woman, or sometimes a man as the story turns out.”

They reportedly felt the need to create toppers reflecting “positive role models.”

Because abusing your position to make yourself and your family more rich and powerful is definitely something we should all aspire to do in our own lives.

To make the product even more laughable, the creators described the ornament as “the most presidential of tree toppers.”

That’s funny, considering that Clinton has never actually been president.

We’re not the only ones getting a good laugh about this product, as folks on Twitter couldn’t resist the opportunity to poke fun at it and Clinton.

“Not getting what you want for Christmas? Don’t worry, this Hillary tree topper has an excuse for it! It will blame: Misogyny Racism Homophobia Islamaphobia James Comey Russia Bernie Sanders Wikileaks Deplorable elves and so much more…” Tim Young, a political comedian, tweeted.

Chuck Woolery, a conservative political activist, wondered “what better way to ruin Christmas than with a Hillary Clinton tree topper?”

Because nothing represents the spirit of Christmas better than a figure of bitterness, rancor and corruption.

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