Obama Just Got BANNED From The Royal Wedding After He Got Caugh Doing THIS! He Is LIVID!!


It seems that the Queen as spoken and the Obama’s are off the guest list and will not be getting an invitation to the royal wedding of Prince Harry and his bride Meghan scheduled for May at Windsor Castle.Harry, 33 and Obama have apparently become good friends and the rumor mill was that the former president along with the former First Lady would be heading up the list of dignitaries, however the Queen along with the British Foreign Office warned the royal couple not to make their wedding “political.”

The Brits apparently fear that inviting the Obama’s might cause a diplomatic rift, in that President Trump hasn’t yet officially visited the UK.

Moreover according to reliable sources its unlikely Buckingham Palace will send an invitation to the Obama’s heeding the advice of not upsetting diplomatic ties with the US.

Additionally, the royal family is supposed to remain neutral and above politics and no foreign heads of state were invited to Kate and William’s wedding in 2011.

A spokesmen for the Foreign Office acknowledged saying: “I suspect that will be the same blueprint that Meghan and Harry will use. ‘It’s all very carefully orchestrated to make sure that there’s no political overtones.”

When quizzed as to whether the Obama’s would be invited, Harry dodged the question saying; “We haven’t put the invites or the guest list together yet, so who knows whether he’s going to be invited or not,”

However one thing is certain, Harry’s future bride Meghan Markle is no fan of President Trump, and has made her dislike of our president well known even before Trump won the White House, she announced if elected she would move to Canada permanently if he entered the White House.

The reality is that Trump’s “Make America Great Again” policies threatens the UK and more precisely the entire European continent, in that unlike former president Obama, who positioned America as part of the European alliance, by committing America resources to far reaching global polices and expansions, which benefited Europe at our expense, President Trump has done just the opposite with his “America First” agenda.

Do you think the Obama’s will eventually be invited to the royal wedding in the UK, and do you care?

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