Piers Morgan: The Crazier the Trump Haters Get, The Better President Trump Looks


Piers Morgan agreed with the assessment of multiple media personalities that President Trump’s performance overseeing an immigration meeting with members of Congress on Tuesday completely countered the narrative of him being unfit for office.

“A miracle occurred in Washington DC yesterday,” Morgan began his column for The U.K. Daily Mail in reference to the 55-minute bi-partisan meeting at the White House.

“Trump was lucid, competent, confident, charming and informed. Indeed, he looked, sounded and behaved like a capable president running a very important gathering of some of America’s most senior politicians,” by Morgan’s estimation.

The columnist called what he witnessed “an extraordinary hour of riveting debate” on one of the nation’s “most intractable issues” of illegal immigration, which included the fate of the 800,000 non-citizens currently registered in the DACA program.

“This was reality show democracy, artfully conducted by one of the country’s most successful ever reality TV stars,” wrote the former “Celebrity Apprentice” participant.

Everything viewers witnessed ran contrary to author Michael Wolff’s narrative in his new book “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” which depicted Trump as senile, unstable and moronic.

“To me, who’s known him ten years, he seemed the same as he’s always been,” observed Morgan, which is none of those things.


“And Meryl swooned and slathered him in hugs and kisses when she arrived on stage,” Morgan wrote.

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