Civilian Shooter SHATTERS Record With Jaw-Dropping 3-Mile Shot

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Within the realm of the civilian firearm enthusiast world, there are a variety of ways in which shooters can display expert marksmanship, particularly with accurate, long-range shots.

According to Wide Open Spaces, a Texas man could very well have set a new, unofficial record for the longest shot with a rifle after he connected with a target positioned some three miles away from him and his custom-built rifle.

The record, which breaks the old, unofficial record of 2.84-miles set in 2017 by retired U.S. Navy SEAL Charles Melton, will likely also be deemed unofficial as well. The Guinness Book of World Records is not expected to recognize it as official because the shooter used special optics on his rifle, a piece of equipment that has been ruled as disqualifying in the eyes of Guinness.

It was first reported by the Abilene Reporter-News that the incredible three-mile shot was made on Jan. 14 by a Tuscola, Texas, man named Bill Poor on a ranch near Midland.

“The last guy (to do this) hit a target up in Utah at 5,000 yards away and it took him 38 shots,” stated Poor. “I hit 5,280 yards in eight shots.”

To make his shot, Poor used a specially built rifle from Virginia-based Vestal Custom Rifles which was chambered in the sniper-specific caliber of .408 Cheyenne Tactical, or CheyTac, a round that weighs in at 390 grains and comes out of the gun at an estimated 3,160-feet per second.

Mounted atop that rifle was a special scope attached to a custom-designed seven-inch tall riser, which allowed for the incredible distance.


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