Top Democratic Lawmaker Forced Her Staff To Play ‘Spin The Bottle’


Just when you think Democrats couldn’t get worse, they say, “Hold my drink, I got this.”

The #MeToo movement has been both a blessing and curse for America. For those women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted in the workplace, in politics, or anywhere else, it gives them credence and assurance that they are not alone in this fight to stop predators dead in their tracks.

Unfortunately, Liberals have taken this movement and turned it completely upside down. Given that most of those accused of sexual harassment were Democrats, the Left is desperately trying to save face and pretend that it is not their side that’s the problem.

However, we continue to receive further and further proof that Liberals are exceptionally guilty of being sexual predators and encourage such behavior.

Enter this California Democrat. She prided herself on being a part of the #MeToo movement. In fact, Time Magazine placed her photo on the front cover of women who were demanding that sexual harassment in the workplace be eradicated. That is, she wanted harassment out of every workplace office but her own.

She is now under an investigation that includes her forcing staff to play the ‘spin the bottle’ game after a night of drinking in a hotel room. Among other disgusting allegations.

From Fox News:

A California Democrat who was featured in Time magazine’s Person of the Year issue for her role in the anti-sexual harassment “#MeToo” movement allegedly urged staffers to play the grade-school classic, “spin the bottle,” after a night of heavy drinking at a fundraiser, Politico reported Sunday.

David John Kernick, 38, who worked in Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia’s office for five months in 2014, filed a formal complaint with the state, claiming that he was dismissed from his job for questioning the game.

Kernick told Politico that they played the game after an evening of heavy drinking. Garcia sat on a floor in a hotel room with about six people that included staff, he told the magazine.

This is the exact definition of hypocrisy. Spend a lot of time in the public spotlight demanding that women be protected from sexual predators, but then force your staff to play a sexually charged game after a night of drinking. Classy.

But this isn’t the only incident that is currently under investigation:

Garcia took a leave of absence Friday after news broke that Daniel Fierro, a former staffer in another office, alleged she rubbed his back, grabbed his buttocks and tried to grab his groin at a legislative softball game in 2014. She denies the claims.

Yikes. She clearly needs some professional help. And it’s also clear that she needs to resign and not just take a leave of absence.

Although ironic that this spokesman for the #MeToo movement was caught red-handed, let us hope that this movement continues to reveal the true colors of those guilty. And let us hope true justice will be served once and for all.

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