Ted Cruz Crushes Hollywood Liberals For Their “Enormous Hypocrisy” On Gun Control, It’s Epic

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Liberal Hollywood has been trying their hardest to use the Florida school shooting to push anti-gun laws. One reporter from TMZ caught up with Ted Cruz and asked if Hollywood has any blame in the shooting because movies glorify guns.

“I don’t think this is one too many movies with cowboys and Indians or Schwarzenegger, Quentin Tarantino, or what have you. I don’t think that’s the cause. Evil has always been with us. Now Hollywood does glorify violence, and I’ve got to say I wish we had a little bit less of that. But the truth of the matter is when Hollywood celebrities engage on issues like this, they’re almost inevitably reflecting enormous hypocrisy,” responded Cruz.

“Because a lot of these movie stars, they have armed security traveling with them, so they’re perfectly happy to say, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah. My armed security, he can keep me safe, but don’t let a law-abiding citizen.’ The Second Amendment is about a single mom living in a tough neighborhood with a crack house down the street being able to defend herself and defend her kids,” said Cruz.


H/T conservative101

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