San Francisco Has A Dark Democrat Truth They’re Concealing From Every American


At one time, San Francisco was considered the most desirable place to live. It was a beautiful city, with historical significance.


Not to mention it’s close proximity to Silicon Valley, the tech center of the world.

But San Francisco isn’t the prosperous utopia people think it is.

The major U.S. city is rife with problems. Problems they’d rather you not know about.

More and more people are learning the City by the Bay’s dark secret. And a new study has now exposed San Francisco for what it really is.

From Breitbart:

Brookings Institution research confirms that the San Francisco Bay Area has the highest income inequality levels in the United States…

With a combined income inequality ratio of about 10.8, there are no two adjoining metropolitan areas that come anywhere close to the inequality of the Bay Area.

The gap between the highest earning group and the lowest group of earners expanded by a stunning $54,000…

In 2015, PolitiFact found that of the Brooking’s study’s 10 most unequal cities, 9 had Democratic mayors, including “Atlanta, San Francisco, Boston, Washington, New York, Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Minneapolis. Only one, Miami, has a Republican mayor.”

So, you’re telling me that one of the largest liberal bastions in America has the biggest wealth gap in the county? Wow, I’m not surprised.

There is a sick trend among heavily-controlled liberal areas. There always seems to be a huge gap between the rich and the poor. The working class and poor are often in dire straits.

They suffer from low wages, few jobs, bad education, and rampant crime. Meanwhile the rich—a.k.a.: liberals—enjoy a lifestyle few of us can imagine.

That’s because liberals run their cities like the mafia. They cut deals with their corrupt buddies so they can stay on top.

The poor souls just trying to survive are exploited and cheated. Liberals hike up taxes, drive away good businesses, and let corrupt companies raise the cost of living.

It comes as no surprise that super-liberal San Francisco has such a steep income inequality. But do you think their leaders are going to do anything about that?

Of course not. They will continue to raise taxes, neglect hard-working Americans, and roll out the red carpet for illegals.

The only way things will change is if the good people of SF wake up. They must vote these con artists out of office for good.

Otherwise, there’s not much hope things will improve.


h/t patriotfires

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