Mattis Effect: Battlefield Recordings Have Russian Mercs Scrambling From Sheer Force Of US Military

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The Russian government has downplayed the recent strikes on Russian mercenaries in Syria.

However, recordings from fighters on the ground reveal just how hard U.S. forces hit them.

“One squadron f—— lost 200 people… right away, another one lost 10 people… and I don’t know about the third squadron but it got torn up pretty badly, too…

“So three squadrons took a beating,” a man believed to be a Russian contract soldier said in the first of three audio recordings obtained from a source close to the Kremlin by, a fact-checking website affiliated with Voice of America.

“They beat our a—s like we were little pieces of s—,” the man said and Newsweek introduced.

A U.S.-led strike following a raid on a Syrian Democratic Forces base where U.S. troops were stationed is believed to have killed hundreds of Russian military contractors fighting alongside pro-Syrian irregular forces.

The U.S. forces hammered the attackers with heavy artillery and air strikes.

The recordings reveal that the mercenaries, outgunned and lacking essential armor support, never stood a chance.

“They were all shelling the holy f— out of it and our guys didn’t have anything besides the assault rifles …

“Nothing at all, I’m not even talking about shoulder-fired SAMs or anything like that…

“They tore us to pieces, put us through hell,” the man in the recording revealed, calling the incident a “total f— up, another humiliation.”

“We got our f—— a—s beat rough. The Yankees made their point,” he said. “What were they hoping for, that the Yankees are just going to f— off?… Some people can’t even be f—— ID’ed.”

“Nobody gives a f— about us,” a man in the recording explained.

The Russian government has disputed claims that the U.S. killed several hundred Russian citizens in Syria, arguing that worst case scenario, the U.S. military killed five people.

“According to preliminary information, we could be talking about the deaths of five people — presumably Russian citizens — as a result of an armed confrontation whose causes are being examined,” Maria Zakharova, a spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, recently told reporters.

The recordings from the Russian fighters staring down the barrel in Syria painted a different picture.


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