Retail Giant Announces $2 Billion Tax Reform Win, Pours It Right Back Into America


The effects of the GOP tax bill are only just beginning. Many companies have announced bonuses and improvements. Now one of the biggest companies in America has some very good news for their staff and customers.

We might never understand why Democrats hate our economy. And it seems like under Obama they did everything they could to deprive businesses and employees of opportunity. High taxes punished companies, hurting everyone. But now, thanks to the tax bill, companies are singing a different tune.

A major retailer has promised to pump $2 billion into their employees and company. And there’s no question as to whether you shop there or not because everyone does. So guess what? You’ll reap the benefits too.

From Washington Examiner:

Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, expects an extra $2 billion this year from a GOP-led tax overhaul, money that it will invest in pay raises for employees and upgrades to an online business whose growth slipped at the end of last year…

“We’ll focus first on investing in our business and other growth initiatives,” Biggs said, noting that the company increased starting pay for its hourly store workers to $11 this month, the first of a budget year that stretches through Jan. 31, and agreed to give them a one-time bonus of $1,000.

“In addition to that, we’ll look to accelerate investments in our customers through lower prices, and we’ll make investments in technology, supply chain and e-commerce to better position the company for the future,” Biggs said.

Walmart has been criticized in the past for their low wages and poor treatment of employees. What can we say now, that they are increasing wages and improving their stores?

$2 billion is no chump change. That will go a long way in raising wages. Increased pay will have ripple effects throughout the rest of the economy. And that’s not to mention the promised improvements for customers.

You see, when government is scaled back, we all win. Smaller government means less regulation and taxing. It means companies are free to do the right thing—invest in America. Rather than have an overpowered government abuse us.

We said more good news would come from the tax bill. Here it is. How much more will we hear about in the coming days?


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