Immigrants Caught Telling Blatant Lie For U.S. Citizenship, But Sessions Is Making Them Regret It


Protecting our nation comes in many forms. President Trump wants to build a wall to prevent illegals from entering the country. But what about people who seek legal status?

Immigrants going through the citizenship process are held up to close scrutiny. For good reason. We don’t give citizenship to criminals or anyone viewed as dangerous. Why should we? The safety of Americans is at stake.

But it looks like a handful of new citizens lied to the government about their past. It has Sessions fuming mad.

From Western Journal:

The Department of Justice announced Thursday it is seeking to strip U.S. citizenship from five naturalized immigrants who lied about their histories of criminal sexual abuse during the naturalization process…

The individuals willfully concealed child sexual-abuse crimes they’d committed prior to naturalizing, according to the federal-court civil complaints.

“Those who wish to become American citizens ought to respect our laws and seek citizenship lawfully and honestly,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a statement…

The five defendants (Ricardo De Leon, 32; Christian Oribello Eguilos, 40; Carlos Noe Gallegos, 41; Alwin Farouk Gariba, 51; Moises Javier Lopez, 42) all lied about their criminal histories on application forms and during in-person interviews with immigration officials, according to DOJ.

In each case, the defendants plead guilty to at least one state charge of sexual abuse of a minor before applying for citizenship.

Yeah, that’s pretty bad. I can’t imagine anyone within government willing to give convicted molesters citizenship. Well, maybe a few democrats.

It was highly unlikely that these people—who plead guilty of such crimes—would have gotten citizenship. So they lied about it.

Maybe, if they had been honest, the government could have seen to it that they were granted citizenship. Perhaps in the years since their conviction, they proved to be law-abiding. People can reform, after all.

It would have been a longshot, given the laws, but you never know.

However, the fact that they lied raises numerous red flags. What else might they be lying about? Have they committed similar crimes since then, but have alluded authorities? Maybe they are doing more than just assaulting minors. We don’t know. And the fact that they lied makes matters worse.

Sessions has every right to revoke the citizenship of these people. Most likely, the should have been deported for their crimes. The fact that they earned citizenship is shocking.

How many more like them are out there?

H/T americanconservativeherald

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