U.S. Nuke Arsenal Marks Historic First Under Trump, But Democrats Can’t Bear To Admit It


Democrats want us to believe that Trump’s policies harm everyone. They’ve said his presidency will harm black people. Yet, the black unemployment rate is at the lowest it’s been in decades.

Then they try to say that his tax reform will harm hard-working Americans because greedy companies will keep all the money they gain from the tax cuts for themselves.

Instead, we’ve heard story after story of companies giving bonuses, and pouring money back into their employees and the U.S. economy.

This week we uncover another real-life example of how Trump is actually bolstering progress in another area democrats would lead us to believe he is damaging.

From the Washington Examiner:

Energy Secretary Rick Perry on Thursday swore in the first woman in history as head of the nation’s nuclear weapons arsenal.

Lisa E. Gordon-Hagerty was sworn in as administrator of the National Nuclear Security Administration, which under President Trump’s fiscal 2019 budget proposal would comprise nearly half of the Energy Department’s funding.

You won’t hear much about this story from the mainstream media. It doesn’t fit with their narrative that Trump is a misogynist who keeps women down.

Yet in Trump’s administration there are women in leadership positions that men have held the majority of the time even under democratic presidents. So it’s not surprising that such a great moment for women happened under him. But, you won’t catch liberals admitting that.

Perry summed up how all Americans should feel about the first woman ever being sworn in to head the NNSA under President Trump.

“I am especially proud of the fact that she is the first woman in history to lead the NNSA and look forward to working together to address the administration’s goal of modernizing our nuclear security enterprise,” Perry said.

We should all be proud. And we should also take note that it didn’t happen under a democrat’s watch.

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