SCOTUS Rules In Favor Of Trump, Allows Changes For Illegal Immigrants To Begin

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To many Americans, the immigration debate is quite simple. Get illegal aliens out of the country. But, in reality, the process has become incredibly complex.

Believe it or not, there are advocates within the government that want to make the process complicated. Why? Because it will give illegals a chance to stay in the country. They put the “rights” of non-citizens (people here illegally) before Americans.

Most recently, the American Civil Liberties Union was trying to aid illegals detained for crimes. They wanted to create a situation that gave illegals special privilege. But, the Supreme Court shut them down.

From Daily Caller:

Immigrants detained for removal proceedings may be held indefinitely and are not entitled to a bail hearing, the Supreme Court ruled Tuesday.

The ruling means that immigrant detainees, who are sometimes held for months and years on end, have no recourse to challenge their confinement…

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals found that individuals held in immigration jails pending deportation may have a hearing every six months to review the legitimacy of their detention.

The 9th Circuit based its decision on a legal rule called the canon of constitutional avoidance. The rule says that where a federal law has multiple interpretations, courts must rely on the interpretation that avoids constitutional problems.

Alito explained that this approach was mistaken, since the words of the statute clearly do not provide bail hearings for detained immigrants.

Of course, it was the ACLU that was fighting to help illegals. Why do they care more about criminal aliens than American citizens? The ACLU seems to have forgotten that Constitutional rights apply to Americans. Not people who broke the law to be here.

The Supreme Court has every right to deny criminal aliens special privileges. The scheme was intended to prevent their deportations indefinitely. But if a person is apprehended by the feds and is in the process of being prosecuted, they shouldn’t get special treatment. They deserve a swift and speedy exit from the United States.

All the ACLU wanted to do was create a situation where illegals were protected from deportation. Granting them the privilege to get a bail hearing meant they could flee federal custody. Good luck finding them again.

This ruling is a win for all Americans. It protects our rights and upholds the rule of law. And it gets us one step closer to ending illegal immigration for good.


H/T patriotjournal

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