Billionaire Offers Trump Millions To Get Top Construction Project Completed


With all the toxic rhetoric coming from liberal elitists, we sometimes forget that many powerful, rich Americans actually support American values.

There are even many billionaires that like our President.

Imagine that. Not every rich person is a greedy Socialist.

Trump famously turned down donations from these business people during his campaign. And many of these people continue to offer support—sometimes silently, but support nonetheless.

Now one outspoken and notable businessman and magnate is willing to put his money where his mouth is. He recently made an impressive offer to the Trump administration.

It’s an offer that will certainly make one of Trump’s biggest promises much, much easier.

From Western Journal:

The Trump administration is weighing an offer from casino magnate and big-time Republican donor Sheldon Adelson to partially fund the construction of a new embassy in Jerusalem, U.S. officials said…

Adelson, a staunchly pro-Israel billionaire, has offered to pay the difference between the total cost of construction and what the administration is able to raise from other donors in the evangelical Christian and Jewish communities…

It is unclear how much money Adelson, one of the Republican Party’s biggest financiers and a major supporter of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is willing to contribute to the new embassy.

Total building costs for new diplomatic facilities, particularly high-profile embassies, regularly reach several hundred million dollars.

The new U.S. embassy in London, which officially opened in January, came with a $1 billion price tag.

Of course, the London embassy cost a cool billion, thanks to the idiotic regulation and corruption of merry old England. Considering how eager the Israeli government is for the U.S. to move their embassy to Jerusalem, it won’t be anywhere close to that expensive.

Adelson’s cash will go a long way in eliminating any roadblocks to the embassy. With private cash coming in, government flunkies won’t be able to stall, citing budget costs.

We’ve seen, time and again, progress in our country stopped because of number crunchers. Liberals in Washington often thwart Trump’s plans by refusing to fund his goals.

That won’t be much of a problem if a billionaire is dishing out the cash.

The State Department has promised to move their offices to Jerusalem this May, even though much of their staff will still be working out of Tel Aviv.

Plans for a small suite of offices are in the works, but with a rollout that could take several years to complete if left up to government funding. Thankfully they won’t have to wait that long if Adelson is allowed to contribute.

With his injection of cash, the embassy can be built in no time. A vibrant, modern office will serve our ambassadors in the heart of Israel. It will be a clear sign that America is supporting the country.

Now if we can only get a billionaire to fund the wall!


h/t americanconservativeherald

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