Breaking: Trump Pulls Funding From Another Hell-Hole Country


Donald Trump just doubled down on his personal (and occasionally public) policy of denying foreign aid to countries that are bad actors, either regarding their own people or their relationship with the U.S. Today the White House revealed that the president has pulled millions in aid to Cambodia.


This is a brilliant move in three ways. 

First, it shows that Trump is looking for places to cut spending and is willing to touch traditionally sacred cows, like de facto charity to nations that don’t deserve it. 

Second, Trump’s cementing the idea that the US can and now will punish nations that don’t act in the best interests of their people or the U.S.

While the left will scream and moan that this is evil, Trump knows that ultimately it’s responsible, both in terms of the American people and in terms of those living under corrupt regimes. 

Third, Trump’s decision indicates he’s willing to double down on decisions the establishment hates.

This is vital since it’s been a generation and a half since the GOP was willing to challenge the media’s narrative. That, and perhaps that alone, is the reason Trump won the White House.

The majority of Americans were sick of leaders who cow-tow to the establishment. And that’s exactly why Trump’s approval numbers continue to climb.

More and more Americans are realizing he actually says what he means and means what he says. — Ed Note

The following is the statement from the Press Secretary on Reduction in Assistance to the Government of Cambodia:

Over the past quarter-century, the United States has been a committed development partner of Cambodia.

We contributed over $1 billion to improve Cambodia’s economic, social, and democratic wellbeing.

Recent setbacks to democracy in Cambodia, however, caused us deep concern, including Senate elections on February 25 that failed to represent the genuine will of the Cambodian people.

These setbacks compelled the United States to review its assistance to Cambodia to ensure that American taxpayer funds are not being used to support anti-democratic behavior.

Based on this review, the United States Government will suspend or curtail several Treasury, USAID, and American military assistance programs intended to support the General Department of Taxation, the capacity of local government authorities, and the Cambodian military, each of which has been linked to these setbacks.

We will continue many projects in support of the Cambodian people, including those in health, agriculture, mine clearance, civil society promotion, and other crucial areas.


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