Mueller Takes Off Down New Road, Asking Witnesses About Miss Universe And Trump Tower


The fact that President Donald Trump likely had no ties to cheating, hacking, spying, or helping Russia with anything pertaining to his campaign or otherwise seems to be lost on Special Council (and”witch hunter”) Robert Mueller.


Even as biased voices like Peter Strzok have been exposed helping in the legal attack against the U.S. leader, even as the world has learned that former F.B.I. Director James Comey was planning to let Mrs. Clinton off before talking to her, Mueller keeps implying that Mr. Trump is guilty.

CNN is reporting that he now “is asking witnesses about the timing of President Donald Trump’s campaign, in relation to his prior business dealings in Russia.”

Considering the fact that millions of Americans watched Mr. Trump hosting a show before he ran, the answer to that question seems rather obvious, yet to Mueller, everything is a mystery.

Still, this last-ditch effort looks more ridiculous than anyone could have guessed.

AOL News documents Mueller’s apparent dementia even further by showing that he is now looking for a link “between Trump’s 2016 foray into US presidential politics, a 2013 Miss Universe pageant in Moscow,” and Trump attempting to build a tower in Russia.

The fact that the Commander in Chief was a billionaire real-estate master who looked to build in many different regions (which is one way that he even became a billionaire) just during the course of a day’s work is seemingly rocket science to Robert Mueller.

Trump had tweeted in 2013, “Trump Tower-Moscow is next.” So, that is the great Russia connection?

Mr. Trump, we are to imagine, spent a billion dollars of his own money (roughly) to win the Oval Office, all to… build a tower in Russia?

Felix Sater, “a Russian-born businessman” had some correspondence with Mr. Trump (a fact that the White House never denied because it was 100% legal), but a “non-binding agreement” was history by 2016.

At this point, if Donald Trump gets up in the morning and glances to the east, someone is going to try and pin him for favoring Russia.

The left and those opposed to him know that they have nothing but lies and they are trying against all odds to sell that lie enough to harm or remove American’s rightfully chosen leader from office.

By now, anyone able to read a paper has learned that the DNC crafted the entire narrative and that Mrs. Clinton (along with an x-spy from jolly ol’ England) paid a mint to have a dossier written that is as factual as a “Tom n’ Jerry” episode.

Now that Mueller has uncovered the fact that Mr. Trump likes to build buildings in other countries (SHOCK OF SHOCKS!), perhaps America will, at last, have had enough of his foolishness.

After he stops with this investigation, perhaps Mueller can find out that the sky is blue for us, too.


h/t patriotfires

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