Sheriff Israel’s Deputy Trained Mosque Members on How to Deal With Shooter


Encourage concealed handguns to protect Muslim mosques, but not American schools.

That’s the contradictory message that a Florida law enforcement agency is sending after a buried “Islamic protection” program came to light.

Sheriff Scott Israel and all of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office are under extreme scrutiny in the fallout of the Parkland, Florida school shooting… and now a piece of information from several years ago is raising even more questions about double standards and priorities.

As the infamous school tragedy unfolded two weeks ago, not one but four Broward County deputies stood outside the building and did nothing to stop seventeen murders from taking place inside. This appalling failure came after the sheriff’s office and the FBI failed to follow up on warnings from tipsters and threats from the suspect.

Excuses provided by the sheriff for this inaction have ranged from “we didn’t know” to “we were told to wait” — but while defending a school seemed to be a shockingly low priority, it turns out that the sheriff’s department took a very different tone when it came to protecting Islamic mosques.

“The Broward County Sheriff’s Department had been spending resources on firearms training at radical area mosques with attendees being taught how to protect themselves,” reported Canada Free Press, which uncovered an original report from WTVT in Tampa from 2015.

A Muslim deputy reportedly led the efforts to make sure than mosques in south Florida were trained, armed, and prepared to deal with a mass shooting. If only the law enforcement officers had taken the safety of schoolchildren as seriously.

“Broward County Deputy & CAIR FL employee Nezar Hamze found time to instruct mosque attendees to arm themselves against active shooters, but Sheriff opposes arming teachers,” pointed out terrorism analyst Kyle Shideler. “Why the double standard?”


CAIR is the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a group that has had suspicious connections to radical Islamic cells including Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood in the past. The United Arab Emirates officially labeled CAIR a terrorist organization in 2014, but the group continues to be a powerful Islamic voice in the United States.

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