Actor Jeff Daniels Makes Threats Against Trump: Lets Throw Him “In The Back Of A Truck And ___”


Jeff Daniels, co-star of the movie Dumb and Dumber showed just how much violent thoughts liberals have towards President Trump. In an interview on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Daniels ranted about how much he dreams about seeing Trump and his family being sent to prison.

“They’re all going to prison. I mean I go to sleep at night, I don’t count sheep. I just recite orange jumpsuits, prison haircuts, orange jumpsuits, prison haircuts,” said Daniels. That’s pretty sad.

“I mean as a country, we lost respect, decency, civilized behavior, integrity, class, accountability, responsibility. This is the opposite of what any country would need, just as far as human beings, so just get him out of here, throw him in the back a truck and take him away,” said Daniels. So he complains that the country has no class, then says he wants the President thrown in a trunk.


He talked about his new Hulu series The Looming tower about the events leading up to 9/11. Of course, he made it about Donald Trump.

“It’s in the FBI and it’s in the CIA, and it’s in those people that give me hope that when the circus gets done in the Oval Office, however that falls out, and it will fall out, because this is not the behavior of an innocent man, that we will have heroes… who are willing to step up and challenge this guy,” said Daniels. Check out the video below.

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