Dem Congressman’s Ethics Scandal Escalates After Closet Of Dark Skeletons Opened


Dem Congressman’s Ethics Scandal Escalates After Closet Of Dark Skeletons Opened

Strange things have been happening in the Democratic Party. Almost every day we are discovering how corrupt and incompetent they really are.

Our elected leaders are supposed to be held to a high standard. That includes the way they conduct themselves and their offices. Congressmen, for instance, must follow strict rules in how they manage their staff. That extends even to who they hire for important work.

But it looks like one congressman ignored every last bit of common sense when he hired his tech guy. As it turns out, the person he hired to handle all of his data work has now gotten him into very big trouble. Not only was an ethics complaint filed against this congressman, the investigation is revealing more and more skeletons out of this Liberal’s closet.

And it isn’t pretty. For himself, or for his party.

From Daily Caller:

A Democratic congressman is facing an ethics complaint for paying an unqualified former McDonald’s employee to manage his data for three years and allegedly admitting to handing control of his servers to now-indicted Pakistani-American Imran Awan despite Awan not being on his staff.

A complaint submitted against Rep. Emanuel Cleaver on Wednesday asks the Congressional Ethics Office to investigate Cleaver’s response to a question about his IT aide Rao Abbas whose previous job field was fast food.

“Imran is the guy who worked in our office. I don’t know this other guy,” Cleaver responded on an audio recording.

Wait, so who is the real employee here? Rao Abbas or Imran Awan? If the name Imran Awan sounds familiar, he is the newly indicted IT specialist who worked for disgraced DNC leader Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. He’s on the hook for many federal charges, including hacking into classified Congressional information.

Payroll records show that Imran Awan was not on the Missouri lawmaker’s payroll, and for the last three years, the only person authorized to manage his servers was Abbas.

“There is no logical or reasonable explanation for Cleaver to affirmatively identify Awan as his employee unless Awan was the individual actually providing IT services,” the complaint from the Foundation for Accountability & Civic Trust (FACT) said. “Cleaver accepted IT services and incredibly would have given full access to his data and files to someone who was not on his staff.”

“Moreover, Cleaver used taxpayer dollars to pay over $60,000 to Abbas, who he did not know and the evidence indicates did not do work for him,” it said. “Ethics rules may have been blatantly violated.” It accuses Cleaver of paying a “ghost employee” and putting data at risk by violating House information security policy.

Clearly something fishy was going on. Cleaver employed a man with zero IT experience, paying him a generous salary. It is now looking like either Cleaver or Abbas enlisted the aid of Awan, a man who was not on his staff, to assist with technical support. And on top of all of that craziness, there are even rumors afloat that Awan owed Abbas money, so he paid him off by getting him hired in Congress.

There are too many odd details to ignore.

This ethics complaint should lead to a larger investigation.

That’s almost guaranteed.

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