Democrat Declares Victory in Pennsylvania Special Election, Then A Game Changing Error With Voting Machines Is Discovered

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Kirsters Baish| I think we can all agree that Rick Saccone wasn’t exactly the best candidate to run in Pennsylvania’s special election this past Tuesday. And it was clear that Conor Lamb essentially ran his campaign as a Republican. The race was tight, as expected, but early on Wednesday morning Conor Lamb was declared the winner.

The Hill reported that Democrat Conor Lamb declared the victory in his bid in a Pittsburg-area House special election early on Wednesday morning even though the race hadn’t been called yet.

It was expected that the district that voted for President Trump in 2016 by a 20 point margin would be an easy win for the Republicans, but Lamb is leading in front of the Republican state Representative, Rick Saccone, by 641 ballots. 100 percent of the precincts are reporting in.

At his election night party, Lamb told supporters a little before 1 a.m., after he was introduced as “congressman-elect,” “It took a little longer than we thought, but we did it. You did it.”

But the race isn’t over until Wednesday afternoon.

Western Journal reported that the Pennsylvania special election for congressional district 18 might end up in a recount. There were only a few hundred votes separating the two candidates. The irregularities alleged in Democrat heavy Allegheny County.

The New York Times reported that as of the middle of the day on Wednesday, 627 votes (or 0.02 percent) separated the Republican candidate, Saccone, and the Democratic Candidate, Lamb.

There were hundreds of absentee ballots sent in as well as an unknown number of military and provisional ballots that have not been counted yet. The race is too close to call at this point.

It seems like something fishy was going on during this election.

The Western Journal reported:

The lawyers plan to make multiple complaints that could form the basis of their recount.

One involves allegations that touch screen machines used in heavily Democrat Allegheny County, bordering Pittsburgh, were not calibrated correctly, registering votes for Lamb that were meant for Saccone. The county is the only one of the four counties found in the district that Lamb won.

Another issue is GOP claims that their representatives were blocked from observing the absentee ballot count in Allegheny County.

There are reports of illegal voting and calls for recounts in just about every close election. But the truth is that voter fraud is rampant in the United States these days.

It was also reported that a Republican source who is close with the campaign has said that GOP planned to petition for the same voting machines used in all four counties to be impounded until there is a recount.

We do not know where this kind of petition would be filed yet, but Republicans are working on looking into numerous reports of Election Day irregularities. This includes issues with machines and voters being told to go to the wrong polling locations.

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