Lou Dobbs Calls Out Ryan And McConnell For How They Just Misused Their Power To Hurt Trump

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During a Fox News interview with legal analyst Gregg Jarrett, anchor Lou Dobbs called out Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell for using their power to try and sabotage the President. “There is a mission … to frame the president, and it is time to end it,” started Dobbs.

“It is now squarely in hands of Robert Mueller. He is not to be trusted. He has demonstrated this by selecting an entirely partisan crew of prosecutors that he has an agenda, and the agenda is to get the president,” responded Jarrett.

“It must be a shared agenda with Speaker Ryan and Mitch McConnell as well. Because they have the power to stand with the president, and they are not doing it. I watch a Trey Gowdy and Bob Goodlatte, who become low-energy and taciturn and too pious for my taste, as they consider letting the Special Counsel just simply meander through life subverting the presidency. This is an ignorance within the Republican Party that has to be confronted,” said Lou Dobbs.

It’s ignorance and a certain level of laziness. Not much happens in the halls of Congress. And they are so accustomed to not doing much. It really is a rare bird who has a backbone like a Devin Nunes, who actually stands up and says, ‘we’re going to investigate this,’” explained Jarrett.

“Ryan ain’t one of ’em, and neither is McConnell,” responded Dobbs. Do you think they’re right? Check out the video below.

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