PA Student Inspired by Walkout Wants to Hold Pro-Second Amendment Rally

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Easton Area High School senior Andrew Oliveria wants to organize a pro-Second Amendment rally in his school’s auditorium.

Last Wednesday, students across the nation participated in a 17-minute walkout to voice support for stricter gun control measures. While the movement garnered broad support, Oliveria said it inspired him to advocate on behalf of the Second Amendment, instead.

He told WFMZ-TV that students who participated in the walkout “got played by an interest group.”

“I believe they are being used as political puppets because they are misinformed,” Oliveria added.

He explained that he sympathizes with the victims of the tragedy that took place at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School but doesn’t believe an increase in gun control is the solution.

“I don’t think there’s anybody in this country frankly that thinks schools shouldn’t be safe and that includes Second Amendment supporters,” he said.

In contrast to the walkout, which encouraged students to leave class, Oliveria wants his event to take place in the school’s auditorium where people from both sides of the debate can come and speak to students.

The high school senior told WFMZ-TV that school administrators have been open to the idea, but it’s come with strong criticism, including death threats, from his peers. However, he expected that and said he doesn’t mind the backlash because it’s his opinion.

He started an online petition that has gathered over 500 signatures and hopes to hold the event in April.

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