Meghan McCain Stands Up For Melania Trump When ‘The View’ Hosts Say She Can’t Do Anything Right


The ladies of ‘The View’ just did what they do best, try to tear down women who disagree with them politically. Sunny Hostin argued that Melania should not be allowed to be a voice for cyberbullying, or be involved with any other movements because she’s married to President Trump.

“You know, she’s the wrong messenger for cyber-bullying but she’s the wrong messenger for everything almost because of his behavior. She can’t be involved in the #MeToo movement. She can’t be involved in Let’s Get Fit because the man ain’t fit,” argued Hostin.

“She’s in a very difficult position, but, you know, she has — he has, I think, ruined the Republican Party in the sense that the Republican Party was always the party of family values. And they talked about the sanctity of marriage. They talked about being faith-based. And that was an attractive message to me for many, many years,” said Hostin.

“But now with Stormy [Daniels], and all this stuff and the cyber-bullying, this is no longer the Republican Party of family values and I think that’s why people should care about Stormy. That’s why people should care about all these accusers,” said Hostin.

However, Meghan McCain did not take that lying down. She stood up to the View hosts and crushed them. “Why can’t we separate women from our husbands? Why can’t I do my job and not have his crap on me and my crap on him? She has the right to have her own voice and her own platform,” said McCain of Melania Trump. Do you think McCain is right?

h/t conservative101

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