Donald Takes An Ax To Damaging Obama Policy, Chops It Down By 77%


Trump has been overturning much of Obama’s “legacy” and for good reason. Obama was a con artist that nearly destroyed the United States.

But there is one major policy he’s taking the ax to. It will save taxpayers billions. It will also protect our nation from major consequences.

And liberals are going into a complete meltdown over it.

From Washington Examiner:

The Trump administration, which has proposed a massive 60 percent reduction in refugee admissions from the Obama-era high of 110,000, is expected to cut that number even deeper. according to preliminary estimates.

Experts evaluating the administration’s latest refugee totals now predict a slash of over 77 percent, to 25,000 refugees a year…

Obama averaged 75,000 refugee admissions every year, he said.

Refugees have become controversial around the nation as more have poured in. State and local communities have balked at the costs, about $3,000 each, and the right they have to welfare and medical help.

Entire communities have been turned upside down thanks to refugees. Just think of it: thousands of people just dumped into the middle of a city. Imagine the consequences.

Culture shock is just the beginning! All these people are out of work, have no skills or money. They demand government handouts, food, clothing, housing. And their kids get free schooling. The burden is placed on the community’s shoulders.

And that’s not to mention the numerous accounts of refugees assaulting local residents.

Why would any citizen want to put up with that?

Obama used the refugee program much like he used illegal immigration. He wanted to flood the country with dependents he could manipulate. These people would be on the hook for government assistance. They are easily convinced to support democrats—or lose all their benefits.

Once again, Obama damaged our country for votes.

America is great because we help people. We do more around the world than any other country. That includes helping refugees. But we need to consider our people first. If this program is harming our communities, economy, and security, it needs to be changed.

That’s just what President Trump is doing. Liberals won’t see it that way. But they are lying to protect their political agenda. They don’t care how badly the country suffers. As long as they get their votes.


h/t patriotjournal

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