Ann Coulter Exposes How CNN Just Unknowing Helped The Republican Party


Ann Coulter exposed how the mainstream media, like CNN, college classes and more are actually helping create more Conservatives. In an interview with Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson, Coulter explains how a new generation of funny conservatives is arising, who can see the ridiculousness of liberals.

“Well, the good news is, I’m following a lot of them on Twitter. I get the impression that we are creating, I mean, the left is creating without realizing it, this really hilarious and ferocious generation of right-wingers, these college students. They’re listening to white privilege all day, every moment of every day,” said Coulter.

“White heterosexual men are emerging from college barking at the moon right-wingers. They’re a lot of fun to follow on Twitter,” she added.

She continued to mock liberal college students. “Please stop pretending you’re fighting the man when you are just lockstep with corporate America. These new radicals we have, the resistance, they’ll check with corporate America, Apple and Twitter, Facebook and their professors to ask if they can wear a question authority t-shirt. Would that be okay?” asked Coulter.

“Has there ever been a more obedient little cadre of robots than college students? Is anyone brave? Is anybody giving the finger to the man and speaking the truth? Where are those people? What happened?” responded Carlson. Check out the video below.




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