Maxine Waters Wants Trump Impeached For Signing The Omnibus Bill


President Trump angered a lot of Republicans when he signed the omnibus bill. Even Fox’s Jesse Watters wasn’t happy. “This was a huge defeat for the president on a signature issue. It’s really really bad, there’s no way to spin it. I know he wanted more money for the military and that’s incredibly important but he sacrificed everything else to get it,” said the Fox News host.

You would think that Democrats would be happy. But nope. They have continued to make it clear that they hate the President and want him impeached no matter what he does. Even though Maxine Waters wanted the bill signed, the fact that it was signed makes her think Trump is “out of control.”

“Donald Trump is out of control and I think he will go there and I think the American people should be very concerned about him. He said he would sign it then changed his mind. Then he changed his mind again and he signed it and so the American people should be concerned about this man’s behavior,” said Waters.


“First of all, he doesn’t deserve to be President of the United States of America. He has defined himself very thoroughly…his character is more than concerning and I’m hopeful that the Republicans will stand up and accept their responsibility, call him out, call him for what he is,” said Waters.

“Help the American people to know that they will not stand for him and what he’s doing and join me in impeachment,” said Waters. Is Maxine Waters the one who should be impeached?

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