Christian Couple Gets Fined For Refusing To Perform Same-Sex Marriage, So They Give A Glorious Reply


Christianity is under attack in the United States. In America, gay couples appear to have more rights than Christians.


In recent years, Christian businesses have been “punished” by the government for refusing to participate in gay weddings.

The weddings violate their religious beliefs but our courts don’t agree.

As such, numerous American citizens have lost their First Amendment rights, thanks to radical, un-American judges.

But at least one Christian business is fighting back. The courts may have robbed them of their rights but they’ve got a seriously brilliant solution.

From Daily Wire:

In 2012, Cynthia and Robert Gifford, a Christian couple who owned a farm in upstate New York where marriage receptions were often held, politely refused to hold a gay marriage on the premises when a lesbian couple targeted their farm as their venue of choice.

The lesbian couple sued, prompting a three-and-a-half year legal battle that culminated in the New York Supreme Court Appellate Division upholding a decision by the New York Division of Human Rights in 2014, in which an administrative law judge for the state, Magdalia Pares, fined the Giffords $10,000 and ordered them to pay the lesbian couple $1,500 each…

But now, the Giffords have created the perfect response to the whole unfair situation:

They inform anyone who wants to hold a wedding on their property that they will donate a percentage of their profits to organizations that champion traditional marriage in America.

Keep in mind, sexuality is not protected by the Bill of Rights.


This court punished a business for simply denying service to a customer. That’s something every business has a right to do.

But according to liberals, you cannot dare deny service to a gay couple! That, apparently, is a cardinal sin.

To fight back against this obvious oppression, Liberty Ridge Farm makes it clear that they are using the funds from these gay weddings to support traditional marriage.

I wonder how many gay couples will want to hold their weddings at the venue, knowing where their money will go…? Aren’t they supposed to be all about equality?


At any rate, this business has every right to use the money as they please. If a gay couple doesn’t like that, then there is an obvious solution: Take your business elsewhere.

It sounds like a drastic step, but what else can they do? The court has decided gay people have more rights than Christians.

The First Amendment doesn’t matter when dealing with the LGBT agenda that has permeated every square inch of this nation.

And until this travesty of justice is overturned, more Christians will resort to these measures.


h/t patriotjournal

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