Clinton Accuser Juanita Broaddrick Blasts Stormy Daniels In Radio Interview: ‘No Respect’


Bill Clinton accuser Juanita Broaddrick attacked Stormy Daniels’ motives and any comparisons made between the two women’s stories on Tuesday.

“I absolutely have no respect for her coming forward like she has,” Broaddrick said during a Tuesday appearance on WABC Radio’s “Curtis and Cosby” show. “I mean this woman is a porn star. She takes off her clothes for money and if she ever did have this agreement with Mr. Trump it was for money. And this was consensual. Mine was a crime, there’s no comparison.”

Broaddrick also had a strong opinion as to whether or not Bill Clinton’s presidency would have survived had her allegations come during today’s #MeToo movement.

“I think that if it happened today there is no doubt in my mind that the man would never have stayed in office,” said Broaddrick, who also criticized Hillary Clinton for “misremembering herself” about the accusations.

“She [Hillary Clinton] even made the comment once that this had all been adjudicated. That is absolutely a lie. Every time this woman opens her mouth, I am shocked and awed at how she lies. It’s constant… Hillary, you should be ashamed of yourself. For once in your life, tell the truth,” said Broaddrick.

Before the “60 Minutes” interview with Daniels aired on Sunday, Broaddrick tweeted an invitation for Anderson Cooper to interview her about her book:

“I’m not a porn star, I was a hard-working nurse and businesswoman,” Broaddrick told Fox News host Sean Hannity Monday when asked why Cooper wouldn’t interview her. “I wasn’t a porn star so that’s why they weren’t interested in me.”


h/t dailycaller

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