Jimmy Carter Talked Smack About Trump — Sarah Sanders Puts Him In A Body Bag


Former president Jimmy Carter took a shot at President Donald Trump in a recent interview.

Carter said most people want to see a president with “basic moral values.”

“I think most people want a president who they trust to tell the truth always and who has some basic moral values, including loyalty to his own wife.”

Carter said the scandals Trump finds himself embroiled in will not have “nearly as much effect as it would have had, say, 20 years ago.”

Sarah Sanders was asked about the comments at Tuesday’s press briefing.

“What sort of reaction do the White House have to Jimmy Carter’s reaction about most people wanted a president with basic moral values?” a reporter asked.

Sanders did not hesitate, torching the question by citing the millions of Americans who voted for Trump and still support his agenda.

Sanders said:

“I think the people of this country came out by the millions to support Donald Trump, support his agenda and the policies that he’s pushing forward. He has been delivering day after day out on that front. He’s kept a number of his campaign promises. That’s only been within the first one and a half years. I think the people that voted for and came out and supported him still do so, and do so because they believed in the agenda that he was driving and he’s been delivering on that since he came into office.”


h/t dailycaller

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