Days After Donald Strikes Syria, 2018 Election Polls Take A Sharp Turn


With the midterm elections rapidly approaching, Democrats in America are eagerly gearing up in races across the country, and are calling the upcoming vote a “referendum” on the President. Despite having no strong leadership, no platform, and no policies that work, the Left seems convinced that they will become the new majority in November.


But back in 2010, the Democrats lost 63 seats in the House and 6 in the Senate. Predictably, no one in the media called that election a referendum on Obama. Republicans will not lose anywhere near those totals this November, but anything over 5 House seats will be ecstatically cited by the media as proof that Americans hate Trump.

However, support for the left has been eroding for decades due to their corruption and ineptitude, and a new poll shows that if anyone should be worried in November, it’s those with a D next to their name.

From The Hill:

Support for a Democratic-controlled Congress appears to be slipping months ahead of November’s midterm elections, according to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll. 

Forty-seven percent of voters polled said they want Democrats to take the majority, compared to 40 percent who said they preferred Republicans to maintain control.

Democrats held a 10-point advantage in March.

Losing three points of support within a month is no small feat, and support for the left has nowhere to go but down. In fact, many of the people who responded that they want the Democrats take the majority may not have been being truthful.

Registered Democrats may hate Trump, but many still do not want higher taxes, open borders and expanded welfare entitlements for all. Anyone who admits publicly to being against these things is immediately cast as a racist, selfish bigot, and who has the patience to deal with that headache?

Just like in the 2016 election polls, which predicted Hillary would win the election, there may be GOP supporters afraid to publicly come out of the closet, making the polls inaccurate as a result.

This is bad news for Democrats, who only care about one thing: political power. There are still plenty of gullible Americans out there who believe the left’s nonsense about the environment, “social justice”, white privilege, and the lies about Trump, and will vote based on it.

But will enough of them come out to support such an uninspiring field of candidates who offer nothing new or exciting?We’ll know for certain in 8 months.


H/T patriotjournal

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