Trump And Kushner Score Major Victory—And It’s All For America’s Safety


One of Donald Trump’s messages during the campaign was “Make America Safe Again.”


He vowed to be the law and order President—unlike his predecessor. Now a new bill passed by the House will go a long way in achieving his goals.

Enforcing our laws and bringing criminals to justice is vital in keeping our society safe. But, all too often, the prison system fails in a big way. Criminals serve their time in prison, only to come out and break the law again. A system originally designed to reform criminals makes them worse.

What can be done to end that cycle? Is there something our leaders can do to both help convicts change their lives and keep our streets safe?

Trump aid and son-in-law Jared Kushner thought so. He championed for reform that will help criminals turn their lives around. Kushner worked with our lawmakers to craft a bill that would transform how our system treats convicts.

And the House overwhelmingly supported it.

From New York Post:

The House by an overwhelming 360-59 vote passed a bipartisan reform bill Tuesday that provides more education for federal prisoners and gives them a second chance after their release.

The bill would also boost current inmates’ chances for a GED, vocational and college courses as well as substance abuse and mental health help, Jeffries told lawmakers on the House floor.

The legislation is a priority for the White House, thanks to the advocacy of Jared Kushner, who saw how his father, Charles, was treated in federal prison. The president’s son-in-law worked closely with the bill’s authors and helped host a prison reform summit at the White House last week with President Trump.

“America is a nation that believes in the power of redemption,” Trump said Friday. “America is a nation that believes in second chances, and third chances, in some cases. And, I don’t know, I guess even fourth chances.”

That vote is significant. The vast majority of our leaders in the House voted for this bill. Both liberals and conservatives. That tells you how effective Kushner can be to bring people together.

After all, Trump doesn’t surround himself with chumps.

But why would this bill be a win for American citizens? The goal is to reform criminals. What good is it to send people to jail, only for them to return to crime afterwards? This bill will go the extra mile in ensuring those criminals who want to change their lives have the opportunity to do so.

That will result in more Americans empowered to live in peace and safety. More Americans working hard to gain a better life. And fewer Americans reliant on the government, one way or another.

The bill must go to the Senate, where it’s fate is currently in question. I can’t imagine any senators opposing it. We’ll have to wait and see.

H/T patriotjournal

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