FBI Drops Nuke On Hillary Clinton – It’s All Over


Hillary Clinton is undoubtedly in full panic mode as House Republicans are preparing to interview three witnesses in the FBI next month regarding the sham Clinton email investigation.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Bill Priestap, the assistant director of the FBI’s counterintelligence division, and Michael Steinbach, the former head of the FBI’s national security division, will both be testifying. It was Priestap who infamously changed the wording in former FBI Director James Comey July 2016 speech to remove the word “President” and replace it with “another senior government official” to hide this fact from the American public.

The third witness has been identified as John Giacalone who preceded Steinbach as the bureau’s top national security official and oversaw the first seven months of the Clinton probe. It is believed that Giacalone quit the FBI in protest over how the higher ups were killing the investigation.

He reportedly retired from the FBI because he felt the case was going “sideways,” which is law enforcement jargon for “nowhere by design.”

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