George Soros Facing Prison

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Liberal billionaire George Soros just reemerged to dump $1.8 billion into four of the 56 district attorney positions in California up for grabs June 5th.

Right Wing News reported that many liberal groups have joined Soros in pouring millions of dollars into these races. Soros and his cronies are supporting would-be prosecutors who favor lower incarceration rates, crackdowns on police misconduct and changes in a bail system that they argue discriminates against the poor.

“These people who want to create their own social policy are not worthy of the office,” said former Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley. “If they win in San Diego or Sacramento, L.A. is next.”

However, this came back to bite Soros when career prosecutor Summer Stephan spoke out to slam him. She called Soros supporting her opponent Geneviéve Jones-Wright a public safety threat.

“I love it!” she said at a recent fundraiser. “If he didn’t take an interest in this campaign, it would be an even more uneven playing field.”

This comes after Duane Chapman, also known as Dog The Bounty Hunter, teamed up with his wife Beth to confront Roseanne Scotti, Senior Director of Soros’ Drug Policy Alliance.

“I wanted to ask if SHE had ever done drugs, if she had ever had a problem with drugs, if she had ever been strung out on drugs to the point you could barely function in society. And if she said no, if she hasn’t had that experience then why would she be talking like she is,” Beth said.  “People seem to forget that Duane and I have been dealing with these people [d[drug addicts]n a day to day basis. We know who should get out and who shouldn’t get out of prison.”

Beth then explained why this “drug policy” is so profitable for Soros and his cronies and why they are hell-bent on getting into this “game.”

“They’re running a scam to push for pre-trial release and steal more tax payer money. But it’s not even a problem of it just ‘not working’ they are directly trying to aide and abed, and increase, the criminal element that exists on our streets right now,” she said.  They’re trying to achieve this by pushing that narrative that doing drugs is a ‘disease’ – it is not a disease. The good hardworking people of America know that these are not diseases, they are choices, and continued bad choices result in addiction… depending on the class of substance, which is heroin and opiates.”

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